Saxbury offers a full consulting service to owner and developer clients in the serviced apartment industry. We assist in all aspects of identifying a suitable property or site, planning and development, design and quality assurance, and bringing an exceptional product to the market.

When planning the design and development of any project in this niche area, detailed research and industry knowledge are key. Saxbury has worked in the serviced apartment sector for over a decade. Our depth of experience allows us to advise clients on how to deliver a successful property that both suits current market conditions, and is desirable to tenants and operators alike. From acquiring a building or site through to bringing an outstanding property to market, our clients rely on us as trusted advisers throughout.

We offer our clients:

A comprehensive feasibility study on the site or property under consideration;

Detailed advice during the design process, using our considerable knowledge of industry standards, and the requirements of international brand operators;

Introductions to specialist legal teams;

Introductions to specialist architects and design teams;

A fully supported planning consent process; and

Guidance on the most successful way to bring the finished product to market, including introductions to design, branding and marketing specialists as required.