Saxbury wins the Battle of the Brokers at the Hotel Alternatives Event

The Hotel Alternatives Event was hosted in London on the 21st of February. It is aimed at hospitality professionals with an interest in emerging hospitality sectors that are challenging the hotel industry. 

The programme this year included a variety of discussions and presentations by different industry professionals who provided their views and comparisons of the different hospitality markets. 

Saxbury’s director Ben Davis was recently asked to speak at the HAC conference which took place at the Montcalm Hotel London.

Ben was asked onto a panel of industry experts, to make the case for investing in the serviced apartment sector. What followed was a good naturred debate, where each expert was given just 8-minutes in which to convince Russell Kett that their industry alone was worthy of future investment.

Ben kicked off proceedings by taking delegates through an presentation which focused on the last 4 years, including interesting fact related to new trend, merger, acquisitions and milestone moments for the sector.