Saxbury sponsors a diabetic child for a year


This year, we’re donating the cost of our greetings cards to Action4Diabetics (A4D), a charity that is very personal to us for many reasons. We are now sponsoring a Type 1 Diabetic child in Asia for a whole year, money better spent in our opinion.

Why Action 4 Diabetics?

Last year, our Director, Ben Davis, was suddenly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, an incurable, chronic and life-long condition that usually presents in children and adolescents. Without insulin and medical education a patient will die a slow and painful death in a matter of months. Beth’s Dad, Jerry Gore, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2001. Driven by the simple idea that people with Type 1 Diabetes should have access to free medication and support, no matter where they live, Jerry co-founded Action4Diabetics in 2015, to help SE Asian children survive this condition.  

Get involved…

You can donate and find out more about how Action 4 Diabetics are saving hundreds of children’s lives by visiting their website.

The Saxbury team wishes you all a healthy and happy festive season.