The rise of room distribution websites like, and means that planning consents are a high-profile issue in the serviced apartment industry. Using London as an example, if you are renting out a domestic residential property on a short-let basis for more than 90 nights in one year, you are in breach of planning regulations. Borough councils are quick at spotting people who short let properties and their planners are keen to enforce the rules.

Given the profile of this issue, we are keen to assist clients in ensuring they have suitable serviced apartment planning permission in place, and that the detailed work by which you apply for and gain planning consent is done to the highest standard.  

We have over a decade of experience collaborating with planning consultants in this sector. We regularly seek serviced apartment planning permission on behalf of our clients to enable the development of their sites. Planning applications are a precise and complex matter, and experience in getting them right is the key to enhancing end value and therefore reducing holding costs. 

We offer our clients:

Detailed pre-acquisition due diligence;

Guidance and advice throughout the planning consent phase of a project;

Advice on protecting client assets from enforcement action; and

Assistance in regularising planning permission prior to the sale of an asset.