We consult regularly with clients on the best way to both finance and exit a project, and assist them in concluding what style of funding best fits their profile and development over the period of their ownership.

A wide variety of finance is now available to the serviced apartment sector.

Development finance

These lenders are backed by private funding, and focus on lending to experienced developers with sites in high profile locations. This can often provide solid, bespoke funding to developers who have prime property sites in mind.

Commercial finance

This type of lending can be used for buying or expanding property, or for refinancing purposes.

Mezzanine finance

To attract mezzanine financing, a developer must have a good reputation in the industry, a proven track record, a profitable history and a viable exit plan.


Low returns on other forms of investment means that property development is still considered an attractive proposition for many institutional investors and high net worth individuals. This is a useful form of funding for many developments.


Regulated mortgage lending to the serviced apartment sector is becoming highly specialised and subject to regular changes, so expert advice here is key.