Market Research & Feasibility Reports

We provide consultancy services for different types of requirements related to serviced apartments and apart-hotels.

With the only specialist in-house real estate team in London, Saxbury has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive appraisals of local and regional serviced apartment and apart-hotel markets. Using this information, we help our clients make informed property investment decisions while maximising their returns.

Our reports will equip stakeholders with a level of comfort before embarking on a serviced apartment project, helping them to understand the risks, rewards, trading environment and other conditions of the serviced apartment market in their chosen area.

A typical report structure may include the following elements:

  • Detailed serviced apartment sector explanation

  • Forensic market analysis and comparisons, utilising:

—> Our own global serviced apartment operator database

—> Comparable AirBnB market analysis

—> Professional hotel market statistics

—> Residential lettings & sales market statistics

  • A complete appraisal of the proposed project will include:

—> Property valuation (GDV) when operated as serviced apartment use

—> Lease & management contract evaluation

—> Alternative uses

—> Conclusions

Upon demonstrating a projects viability we are often engaged to provide early stage operational consultancy, this invaluable support is particularly helpful for developers who intend to operate their own assets.